Cert Test Taking Advice

Some Advice For Taking Cert Tests


  1. Make sure you’ve read the book cover to cover and have done all the practice tests.
  2. Find other practice tests.
  3. Make sure you understand why you got the questions wrong that you got wrong. Just memorizing practice questions isn’t going to cut it. Cert tests word things in ways to trick you so understanding the material is key.
  4. YouTube. ITProTV. CBT Nuggets: Explore other media types to gain a better understanding of the material from various perspectives.
  5. Look for write-ups from others taking the test you’re taking on Reddit or Google. Lots of solid advice out there.

Day Of

  1. Get a full nights sleep.
  2. Eat a good meal 2 hours before. You don’t want to be full, or hungry. You should also hydrate now.
  3. If you do caffiene, 30 minutes before.
  4. Bathroom before entering test.
  5. Arrive 10 minutes early and leave EVERYTHING you don’t need in the car.

During Test

  1. If the test starts with ‘performance based questions’ skip those for now.
  2. Read each question carefully.
  3. Go through the entire test and answer all the ones you know for sure now. Skip ones you’re not sure about.
  4. Now go through and work on ones you’re not sure about. Use process of elimination to narrow your choices.
  5. Flag questions you get stuck on in 4 and move on if you’re not making positive progress after a minute or two.
  6. With remaining time, review flagged questions and try to use process of elimination and other questions to help you answer. Leave flagged if not confident.
  7. Do the PBQ questions.
  8. Spend all remaining time reviewing flagged questions.